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Create what you desire

I choose to be happy, joyful, carrying, supportive, fun, easy, successful, healthy……..And you?? What do you choose? ……As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he…. James Allen (1903) Every day we choose our experience. We create what we think, feel, believe. If we are not happy with our results/experiences in life, we should look to change our creation,…

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Free of Panic Attacks with Conscious Breathing

I know that conscious breathing has an almost magic power. But I was still positively surprised to see a client free herself from panic attacks in only 2 breathing sessions! She was always scared to take the motorway when there were construction work going on. These places where the road was getting narrow scared her a lot. To the point…

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Stress and breathing

When we feel stressed we are almost not breathing anymore. Our thoughts are already in the future: we think of what could happen, what to do, of never making it , etc….. We are not present, our body and mind are constantly alert and active, and the body can’t rest. Our body needs to rest after an activity; there must…

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The breath, our own unique healing tool!

Our breath is an amazing tool that we received from nature and that we can use to the fullest. With your breath, you can transform any difficulties in life, release fears and anger, connect back to your innate joy. Wherever you go, you have it with you, on top of a mountain, in any stress situation or when fear tends…

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Our first breath

It seems that for most of us, the first breath we take as new-borns is very painful. As a result, we often relate pain to breathing. For example, when we hurt ourselves and we feel pain, what we do? We stop breathing. So we don’t feel the pain, so that we don’t feel. It is a reflex. We do the…

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How you breathe is how you live

How fascinating is it to see how the breath is connected to the life we live! What has surprised me most when I trained to become a breath coach and what still blows my mind, is the correlation between the way we breathe and the way we go through life. When we change our old breathing pattern – which is…

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