Wellness and stress management for employees and teams

I offer customized breathing workshops, individual coaching and group sessions for managers and employees to improve:

Stress management & burnout prevention

Motivation, focus & performance

Team-building & communication

Absenteeism & turnover rates

Physical & emotional well-being

Employee engagement & wellness

Why breathing?

The brain is extremely sensitive to changes in blood oxygen levels. The more oxygen the brain gets, the more concentrated and focused people are– and the better they perform at work.

While 75% of our energy is dependent on oxygen, most people only use 30 to 50% of their respiratory capacity. By simply changing the way people breathe, they can boost energy levels up to 70%– which can have serious benefits for companies.


Conferences/workshops for stress management, motivation and well-being

Executive Breath Coaching

Personalized breathwork and coaching to reduce stress, find meaning at the workplace and better manage others

Stress Management Sessions

Breathing sessions for groups and individuals to reduce stress levels, encourage wellness among employees, and build trust within teams.


I was on the verge of a burnout when I decided to sign up for the breathing seminar. The seminar helped me discover new resources– and led me to replace some of my self-restricting beliefs with empowering ones. Back in everyday life, I find myself well grounded towards the incoming waves… I even like the water playing around my toes.


I’m now able to take more distance from my old patterns of fear and guilt. I feel calmer than I’ve felt in a long time and can better manage my emotions when challenges arise.



1-2 hours

These conferences/workshops are designed to create a space for employees to bring more awareness to how stress is related to their way of breathing and how it affects their health, their attitude and their work.

In the workshops, employees will learn:

A proven breathing technique they can use on their own to reduce stress levels

How to handle high-pressure situations with a sense of calm

How to maintain their emotional and physical health through awareness of their breath

Contact me to discuss customized workshops for your office.

VIP Breath Coaching

4-day Intensive course, 8 sessions, 2h morning/ 2h afternoon

This intensive breath coaching program is designed for executives and managers who are struggling to manage their physical and emotional well-being at work.

Through eight 2-hr breath coaching sessions over a 4-day period, clients will:

Connect to their deeper purpose, finding meaning and direction in their work

Learn to manage their stress and improve their overall health and wellness

Make significant changes to the way they react to high-pressure

Become more connected to themselves so they can better lead others

Contact me for pricing and scheduling options.
For other coaching packages for individuals, see our 1:1 Private Sessions.

Stress Management Sessions

These breathing sessions for groups and individuals help reduce employee stress levels while encouraging emotional and physical health in the workplace. They offer employees and teams a dedicated space to make time for their wellness at work.

In sessions of 20-30 minutes, employees will get:

A technique for managing stress at work so they can better handle their workload

Dedicated time to relax and disconnect so they can come back to work refreshed

A sense of well-being and awareness that they will carry on into their work

Contact me to learn more about stress management sessions for your company.