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The breath, our own unique healing tool!

By August 16, 2017September 1st, 2017Breath

Our breath is an amazing tool that we received from nature and that we can use to the fullest. With your breath, you can transform any difficulties in life, release fears and anger, connect back to your innate joy.

Wherever you go, you have it with you, on top of a mountain, in any stress situation or when fear tends to parallelize you, it is there, ready to be used fully. No need to see a therapist every time you are having a hard time. Your breath can do it all.

Connect with your breath, take a few minutes to feel into your body, to feel into your breath. The first step to changing how you breathe is to be aware how you breathe.

Where are you breathing in your body?
How do you breathe?
What muscles are you using to breathe?

Need help? Download our [su_lightbox type=”inline” src=”#my-custom-popup”]free audio[/su_lightbox] breathing exercise to help guide you to breathe more fully.

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