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Our first breath

By August 16, 2017September 1st, 2017Breath

It seems that for most of us, the first breath we take as new-borns is very painful. As a result, we often relate pain to breathing.

For example, when we hurt ourselves and we feel pain, what we do? We stop breathing. So we don’t feel the pain, so that we don’t feel. It is a reflex.

We do the same with emotional pain.

When we have emotional pain that we don’t want to feel, we also stop breathing fully. Look at someone who’s stressed—they breathe only in short, shallow breaths.

But if we can learn to breathe fully into whatever is going on, the pain is addressed and transformed much faster and easier. It is not stored in our bodies and we enjoy much better health on both physical and emotional level.

The next time you stub your toe or hit yourself on something, try to be aware of how that changes your breath. Breathe into the pain and see how that changes it. You’ll see the difference and can take this awareness with you in other parts of your life.

To get started with conscious breathing, [su_lightbox type=”inline” src=”#my-custom-popup”]free audio[/su_lightbox] to download a free guided breathing exercise.

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