Inhale Your Full Potential

Create connection, action and transformation with conscious breath coaching.

Introduction – active Breathing

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Retreats 2021: 4 days-Intensive Coaching & Breathing Retreat

3723 Kiental
 November 25-28, 2021,  June 18-21, & October 28-31, 2022

Cuba Wellbeing Holidays: 5 days Breathing and Holidays

Havana, Cuba
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Relieve stress and anxiety, break unhelpful habits,
and achieve real change

Breathwork is a powerful tool for transformation. It creates an awareness of the habits, thoughts and emotions that hold you back from your full potential so you can finally move forward.

Through a powerful combination of breathing and coaching, you’ll feel lighter, more present and more confident to make real, permanent changes.

Why breath coaching?

Conscious breathing gets you out of your head and into your body. You stop listening to your thoughts and start exploring what’s really going on inside you. Changing the way you breathe creates transformation at the cellular level — helping you release the habits, limits and emotions stored in your body so you can make room for positive change.

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Who is breathwork for?

Breath coaching is especially powerful if:

You suffer from anxiety, stress and fear that
holds you back from the life you want

You store emotion and trauma in your body,
and often feel tense or uneasy

You’ve tried psychotherapy and are tired of
“just talking” about your problems

You’re constantly in your own head
and never feel truly present

You’re stuck in a rut and can’t make
the changes you know you need

You feel overwhelmed— like you’re barely
keeping your head above water

Hi, I’m Catherine.

I’ve spent nearly a decade supporting people use their breath to manage stress and anxiety, release old emotions and habits, and finally make a real change in their lives. I’ll help you connect with your breath— and yourself— so you can drop the struggle, take action and start living with more purpose and ease.

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