Breath coaching and stress management for individuals and companies

Breath coaching offers people from all walks of life a gentle yet effective way to achieve their full potential.
From individuals interested in personal development to executives on the verge of burnout,
breathwork is a powerful tool to create connection, action and transformation.

Through the power of their breath, my clients have learned to:

Manage stress for better health
and wellness

Find more fulfillment
and purpose

Achieve their personal
and professional goals

Have clarity, confidence and
excitement about the future

Live and work with more presence,
authenticity and ease

Improve their physical health
and reduce illness

I work with clients in French, English, Swiss German, Spanish, and Italian.

Inhale your full potential

Conscious breathing and coaching for a life on purpose

Access your full potential by connecting to who you really are and what you really want so you can make a change with confidence and ease.

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Breathe new life into your company

Corporate wellness and stress management for employees and teams

Customized workshops and breath coaching to prevent burnout, reduce workplace stress and improve employee performance.

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Breath coaching helped me to release some past bad resentments and free myself from my controlling behaviour. After some intense sessions on the emotional level, I felt much love in my body and my heart thanks to the emotional release, the warm presence and the right support. At the end of the week, I felt lighter and serene.


Breathwork is the best “doping” for running!


An amazingly uncomplicated way of getting in touch with myself, my fears, my power, my love, my joy, my source.