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The desire for children – how is it connected to the way we breathe?

By July 1, 2019Breath

I just got fantastic news. Another baby was born thanks to the breath! I. was born on March 23, 2019, 9 months after our 4-days breathing retreat in Kiental!
Following N.E.’s testimonial (translated from French):
‘I got pregnant one week after the retreat, and I am sure that this is not just a coincidence. A year has past since, and we have now amongst us a marvellous little being of 3 months! Incredible what can happen in so little time when we take the time for ourselves!’

Other good news: Not later than 3 weeks ago, a new client who came to see me for anxiety issues, told me at the beginning of the 3rdsession, that she was finally pregnant, thanks to the breath. She got pregnant after only 1 session!! She was trying for over a year to get pregnant. Her breath was clearly nowhere in her belly, she was only breathing in her chest. By the end of the 1stsession she managed to breathe nicely in that abdominal area and therefore brought the energy there.

Yes, this happens quite often. In the last 10 years that I have been working with the breath I have seen several little new beings finding their way to their parents. And sometimes the parents have been trying to have children for years before trying this breathing technique.

Explore your way of breathing. It is important to breathe in your lower abdomen in order to bring the energy there.  That helps you to be anchored in your body, rooted. You need somehow to build a strong and safe nest where the baby can be gestated and developed.

Observe attentively your breath. How do you breathe? Does the belly rise when you inhale or is it more your chest and shoulders that move? Be aware?

A lot of women (and men) don’t breathe in their lower abdomen for reasons that I have explained in previous articles. They have developed, already in early childhood, a type of breathing that does not use the diaphragm (essential muscle to breathe),  but instead use chest,  shoulder, neck and back muscles to breathe. There is therefore no energy in the lower belly. If that is the case, you might suffer as well of digestion problems, lower back pains, or some issues around the genital organs.

That’s it…. a lot of times just changing our way of breathing could help your dream to become true.

So, on a physical level we change our way of breathing and bring energy back there where we need it. And on a psychological (emotional) level we heal the reason of why we have changed our way of breathing in the first place.

Thanks to these changes in your breath, a new little being might easily find the way through to YOU!

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