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How you breathe is how you live

By July 12, 2017September 1st, 2017Breath

How fascinating is it to see how the breath is connected to the life we live!

What has surprised me most when I trained to become a breath coach and what still blows my mind, is the correlation between the way we breathe and the way we go through life.

When we change our old breathing pattern – which is nothing else than a habit of a lifelong way of breathing, we will change the way we live as well.

Due to life experiences, especially in early childhood, like negativities, traumas, education and authority disapproval, we adapt our way of breathing, so that we, as a child, don’t feel and suffer too much. But this then becomes a habit and as an adult, we continue to hide these feelings, which hinder us to live a full life.

By breathing again fully, especially breathing into our bellies like we did as babies, we can open up those hidden spaces in our body and old emotions can be integrated softly and permanently.

Breathing is feeling, and feeling is being alive!

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