About Me

It’s ok if you’re skeptical about breathwork.

I was too.

My mind found all sorts of reasons why it wouldn’t work. I was judgmental, cynical and resistant.

Sound familiar?

But once I did it– once I finally let go of my prejudices and fears and let the breath do its work—my life changed completely.

My Journey

I had a good life before I discovered the breath— or at least, I thought I did. I had a good relationship, a son I adored, a comfortable lifestyle.

But underneath that, I lived in fear of judgement. I was terrified of public speaking and couldn’t sleep the night before a presentation. I was constantly striving for achievement and improvement. I was never “good enough.”

Now? It might sound strange, but changing the way I breathed changed the way I lived.

I became more confident and accepting. I stopped “doing” and started “being.” I no longer “go after my goals,” they come to me. The things I want and expect in life simply happen— like the world has opened up for me and everything just flows. I’ve dropped the struggle and the striving, now live every day with joy, gratitude and a sense of adventure.

Breathwork also helped me stay afloat when my great life hit a rough patch. I was able to get through my separation and come out on the other side stronger, happier and more resilient. Today, my ex-husband is one of my good friends. We support and care for each other in amazing ways and are raising our son as partners.

Above all, breathwork helped me find my true purpose: connecting with people and helping them connect to themselves, to others and to life.

My Practice

I became a certified Transformational Breath® coach in 2009, turning my career in HR into a new way to help people relieve stress and feel more fulfilled. Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of people find freedom through the breath and live with more joy, ease and purpose.

I’m also a certified NLP practitioner and have years of training in anatomy, astrology, psychogenealogy, and most recently, the Bob Proctor coaching program. I also have a strong interest in natural medicine and have trained in homeopathy and aromatherapy. I incorporate all of these tools into the work I do with clients for a more holistic approach.

To learn more about the way I work, click here.

My Passions

I share everything I’ve learned and love with my clients— including my passions.

Travelling and getting to know other cultures is one them. I backpacked around South America, and have been travelling to Cuba for 26 years, including a year living there. My breathing holiday-retreats in Havana are a way to share my love for the Cuban culture with my clients— helping them connect to others and the Cuban people while connecting to themselves!

Being active outdoors is also a big part of my life. Breathwork has helped me find more energy and more ease when running and swimming. It actually helped become a runner! I’ve always been sporty, but running was never on the agenda. Now, I run for an hour with my dog a couple times a week— getting out in nature, moving my body and enjoying life!

But above all, my passion is people. Connecting with them, supporting them, helping them, enjoying life with them. I bring this passion into everything I do, especially my work.

If you’re ready to connect with your purpose and make a real change in your life, I’d love to work with you.

Contact me to get started.