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International Meditation Event April 2019 – Havana Cuba

By May 10, 2019Breath

What an amazing experience to breathe with more than 30 people at the International Meditation Event in Havana. I was truly a bit sceptical about this event, as for me Cubans were more inclined to party and dance than to meditate and breathe. I was surprised by the opposite! There were a lot of people, men and women, at this event and not only they were participating at the many workshops and conferences, but I was touched by their openness and eagerness to learn and explore ways of getting in touch with their true self. They fully immerged into the breathing session and asked me at the end how they could continue with sessions and breathing on their own. I am so grateful for this experience and this exchange. I learned to know another side of my Cuban friends that I completely ignored, even after almost 30 years of sharing with them regularly.

Thank you Juan d’Avila for accepting me to be part of this event. Thank you Nicole Meyes for your precious support. I participated at her ‘primal dance’ workshop, which was mind-blowing (will write another blog about what she does). And it was great to meet Roberto Suarez (Miami) and his team in Cuba, rebirthers, and to have breathed under a tree with them and with a huge group of people. So grateful!!

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